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Face Clean Towel
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Ghar Soaps Face Clean Towel are the India's first disposable, ultra soft,and bio-based face towel. They were created to complete every skincare routine in the cleanest way possible, so you don’t have to use regular washroom towels that get loaded up with bacteria and fungus through repeat use. The Clean Towels are famed for their durability, ultra soft texture, and leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and confident in your skincare. Interchangeable and versatile; they can be used in a multitude of different ways- wet or dry.


  • Dermatologist tested and approved

  • Always have a clean towel for drying your face

  • May alleviate acne and breakouts, especially those triggered by bacteria or fungus

  • May help reduce symptoms associated with skin conditions (ie. eczema, psoriasis, & dermatitis)

  • Helps maintain a healthy skin barrier

  • Multi-functional in your skincare routine and in your home



Have you ever thought about the bacteria and build-up that may be lurking in your towels? Whether you've just washed them or they've been hanging in your bathroom for a few days, towels can accumulate a lot of unwanted particles from dead skin, makeup, and detergents.

Unfortunately, washing them with hot water and detergent is not enough to completely eradicate these particles. As a result, your towel may not be entirely clean and could potentially worsen skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

That's why it's essential to use towels that are specifically designed to be hygienic and safe for your skin. Magic Towels are dermatologist-tested, approved, and recommended, ensuring that they are free from harmful particles that could negatively impact your skin's health.

Don't let your towels compromise your skin's well-being; choose Magic Towels for a safer and healthier option.


Besides convenience, the Clean Towels can offer:

- A hygienic way to dry your face

- The ability to reduce visible redness and restore the skin's moisture barrier

- A hygienic and easy way to remove makeup

- A hygienic and easy to remove face masks

- A gentle way to cleanse your face with or remove a cleanser with

- An easy, clean, and safe way for mothers to clean their babies and children

- The ability to enhance an esthetician's or dermatologists practices and procedures




How are Clean Towels different from regular towels?

Unlike regular washroom towels that can accumulate bacteria and fungus through repeated use, Clean Towels are disposable, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience every time.

What are the benefits of using Clean Towels?

Clean Towels are famed for their durability, ultra-soft texture, and their ability to leave you feeling fresh, clean, and confident in your skincare routine.

Can Clean Towels be used in different ways?

Yes, Clean Towels are interchangeable and versatile. They can be used wet or dry and are suitable for a multitude of different skincare applications.

Are Clean Towels environmentally friendly?

Yes, Clean Towels are bio-based, making them a sustainable choice for your skincare routine.

 How many towels are included in a pack of Clean Towels?

Each pack of Clean Towels contains : 
Pack of 50 contains - 50 towels 
Pack of 30 contains - 30 towels
Pack of 10 contains - 10 towels

Are Clean Towels suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Clean Towels are designed to be gentle on all skin types.

Can I use Clean Towels with my existing skincare products?

Yes, Clean Towels are compatible with a wide range of skincare products and can be incorporated into your existing routine.