Underarm whitening cream
Underarm whitening cream
Underarm whitening cream

Underarm whitening cream

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GHAR ayurvedic underarm whitening cream comes with beneficial components that help keep the skin moisturised and it provides for the proper nutrition and nourishment of the skin in an all round manner.


4-In one Under arm Care

  • Brightens skin, prevents pigmentation & removes dark, dull zones with daily use
  • Exfoliation & detox of dead cells to reveal clear bright skin
  • Softens skin instantly & keeps skin elasticity intact with regular use
  • Aids in sweat control, anti-microbial action & hence odour control. Keeps you feeling fresh through the day.


What Causes Under Arm Troubles?

Most underarm troubles are due to usage of chemical products, frequent hair removal, friction caused by clothes & poor cleansing habits.

  • Abuse of deodorants, anti-perspirants, perfumes, bleaches & alcohol based products
  • Frequent waxing & shaving irritates skin, inflames it & causes dark zone development. 
  • Tight, synthetic clothes
  • Negligence in cleansing & exfoliation


Why is GHAR Under Arm Cream Different?

Gentle yet powerful, safe for long term continued usage. 

  • Completely chemical, preservative, alcohol & glycerin free, unlike whitening deodorants & creams in the market
  • After application, does not dry out skin like body washes or scrubs do. Keeps skin baby soft & polished.
  • Does not burn & abrade skin like bleaches do
  • Soothes skin abused by waxing & shaving, getting rid of pigmentation
  • Does not age skin or cause dullness like chemical products. Builds inner skin strength & ability to fight pigmentation, infection & aging.


NO BS (Not Your Grandma Recipes products)
We believe in the essence of Science and Ayurveda!

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