Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
Natural Ubtan Body Scrub
Natural Ubtan Body Scrub

Natural Ubtan Body Scrub

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100% natural scrub for all skin types

Time to ditch your soap and grab this totally natural “NATURAL UBTAN BODY SCRUB”. Made with the goodness of 11 organic ingredients, it sure is going to leave your skin gorgeous right from the first use.

A non-drying, daily body cleanser packed with natural nutrients that gently clean and exfoliate for fresh and healthy skin.


  • 100% Natural
    • Non-foaming and non-drying
    • Cleanses and exfoliates
    • Evens skin tone
    • Smoothes and softens
    • Reduces appearance of cellulite
    • Suitable for sensitive skin


Mix some powder into hand with water to make a wet paste. Apply to moist skin. Lightly massage with circular motions and rinse clean to lift dead skin and release oil, toxins, and environmental pollutants.

Use With: Water, Pure Rose Water, Milk.



Turmeric contains more than 300 antioxidants, which makes it a powerful healer. Apart from fighting pimples and breakouts, it also provides a youthful glow to the skin. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that lightens skin tone, reduces pigmentation and heals blemishes.  Due to its anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties, it is effective in treating various scalp infections as well.


It replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin, reduces acne and makes the skin look healthier. Its oil is a mild moisturizer that is often used for massages. It reduces breakage, split ends, itchy scalp, and dry roots. It softens the scalp.


Astringent qualities. Due to its high pH levels, lemon can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation. Skin lightening. Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce skin damage and premature aging.


Regular use of the antibacterial Sandalwood powder helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria, exfoliates the skin, soothes sunburn, removes suntan and also reduces signs of ageing such as dry skin and wrinkles. We all know that blemishes can be pretty stubborn but sandalwood is extremely effective in helping you get rid of these stubborn spots and blemishes in the most natural way.

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